Leaftech® - Thermal Effect Cream

Science meets nature to prepare and relieve muscle strain

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Crema Leaftech®

Why Leaftech®

Leaftech® is a thermal effect cream formulated by a team of experts, which combines the synergic action of camphor, eucalyptus, natural menthol and methyl salicylate.
Ideal for pre-sport warm ups, but also for a soothing sensation after physical exertion and for relief from occasional or recurring muscle distress resulting from training.
The cream’s pleasant thermal effect, fast absorption and pocket format make it a practical solution for athletes, workers and people always on the move.

The perfect cream to regain relief after muscular efforts…

The pleasant thermal effect of Leaftech® gives a warm, soothing sensation where it is applied, that can relieve muscle fatigue, typical of sports activities. Apply a small amount of cream to the involved area when you feel the first symptoms of muscle fatigue or physical strain. The combined effect of camphor, eucalyptus and natural menthol with the massage will quickly bring you fast relief.

…and to prepare for frequent muscular efforts

Leaftech® can be the perfect solution to prepare for recurring muscular efforts, thanks to its rapid absorption formula. Just apply a small amount of cream at the beginning of the working day, or before doing sports.

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Naturally balsamic

Natural menthol

Natural menthol




Warming action

Thermal effect

Thermal effect

Thanks to the deep warming action of camphor, combined with the refreshing action of natural menthol on the skin

Fast absorption

Fast absorption

Ideal just before physical or work activity

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Produced in the Lodi factories of IBSA Farmaceutici

IBSA safety <span> </span>

IBSA safety  

It was created from the union of IBSA's proven experience in the field of wellness on the move and the properties of the specially selected ingredients

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About us

IBSA Digital Lab

Leaftech® is a project promoted by the IBSA Digital Lab, the IBSA Farmaceutici program that aims to maximize the potential of the web to fully understand people's needs and then test and develop new products and innovative solutions that will improve their quality of life.

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Bag on Valve

A technology that has many other advantages in terms of ease of use, product stability and preservation and, last but not least, is eco-friendly, too.

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For IBSA Farmaceutici, innovation is both a daily challenge and the core of all its business. IBSA Farmaceutici puts people and their needs first, not only in the formulation of the products, but also in their packaging.

It is this drive that prompted IBSA Farmaceutici to introduce the Bag on Valve (BoV) technology in its factories for the packaging of products formulated in cream, gel and solution.